A hearty THANKS to all of the instructors and participants who made this first session of N-W Community Ed a success! 

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    In the words of singer songwriter Tina Marie, "All in all, it's been a wonderful, wonderful ride. We don't plan on stopping anytime soon."



    See the "COMMUNITY EDUCATION PAGE" of this website for details!





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    The next Board of Education meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 6, 2018 in the High School ALC room, 2292 Saunders Settlement Road, Sanborn. Executive Session is anticipated to begin at 6:00 p.m., and the public meeting anticipated to begin at 6:30 p.m.
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  • Meningococcal Vaccine Requirements

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  • The Wall of Fame Committee is accepting nominations for the 2018 Class of both the Falcon Wall of Fame and Athletic Hall of Fame.  Nominations will be accepted until April 28, 2018.


    Information regarding nominations for the NW Falcon Wall of Fame Award can be found here.  

    Information regarding nominations for the Athletic Hall of Fame can be found here.


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  • For information regarding the YWCA School Age Child Care Program, click here.

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  • Dear Niagara Wheatfield School Community,

    On behalf of the students, staff, and Board of Education we thank you for coming out to vote and for supporting all five propositions.

    The 2018-2019 budget will restore some academic programming at all levels.  We will now be able to utilize our Transportation Reserve Fund to purchase seven new buses, establish an additional Transportation Reserve for future bus purchases, alleviate a long-standing parking problem at Errick Road, and replace the Dectron unit for our pool.

    Lastly, we want to express our gratitude and congratulations to Richard Sirianni and Steve Sabo as the elected Board members.


    Steve Sabo, Board of Education President

    Daniel Ljiljanich, Superintendent of Schools


    Niagara Wheatfield results:

    Proposition #1: Budget: $72,179,915

    Yes -  547   No - 212

    Proposition #2: Authorizing Establishment of a School District Capital Reserve Transportation Fund

    Yes -  567   No - 183

    Proposition #3: Authorization to Expend from the Capital Transportation Reserve

    Yes - 593   No - 164

    Proposition #4: Authorization for Niagara Wheatfield CSD Parking Area

    Yes - 540   No -  215

    Proposition #5: Authorization to Expend from the 2017 General Capital Reserve Fund

    Yes - 567   No - 189

    Board Members Elected:  Richard Sirianni - 627   Steven Sabo - 624



    Our Administrative Offices have moved…

    As of January 30, 2018 our Administrative Offices have re-located.  This move includes:

    • Superintendent’s Office
    • Human Resources
    • Business Office
    • Special Programs
    • Office of Instructional Technology and Learning.

    Our new physical location is:

    • West Street Elementary School, 5700 West Street, Sanborn, NY
    • Follow signs directing you to the guest entrance on the left side of the building

    Our new mailing address is:

    • P.O. Box 309, Sanborn, NY 14132

    Our email addresses, telephone and fax numbers will remain the same.  

    Capital Project Update…

    In September we concluded Phase I of our current Capital Project.  Phase I included significant roofing work at Edward Town Middle School and the High School.  The work completed can be seen on the highlighted maps, by clicking here for Edward Town Middle School, and here for the High School.

    Phase II of our Capital Project should begin in the spring of 2018 and conclude by December 2018.  The highlights of Phase II include:

    • Repaving work and concrete pad replacement at Errick Road Elementary and the Bus Garage.
    • Exterior wall repair at Colonial Village, Errick Road and the Bus Garage.
    • Exterior door replacement at Colonial Village, Errick Road, and the High School.
    • Entry and Main Office renovation at Errick Road.
    • Renovation of science classrooms and Nurse’s Office at Edward Town Middle School.
    • Staircase repair at Edward Town Middle School.
    • Air handling and ventilation replacement at all schools and Bus Garage.
    • Cabinet heater replacement at Colonial Village.
    • Hot water tank replacement at Colonial Village, Errick Road, and West Street.
    • Hot water base pumps at Edward Town Middle School and High School.

    Following Phase II we will utilize the remaining allocated funds for Phase III of the project, which are items currently set aside as alternates.  The alternates we have selected for Phase III are predominantly additional roofing areas. There are still significant facilities repairs or replacements needed, as identified in our 2015 Building Condition Survey.  We were not able to include all of the identified areas in the current project.  Once the final Phase III drawings are complete we will provide an update.

    It is important to note that even after the completion of Phase III (alternates) we still have many areas in need of repair/replacement and upgrade.  The good news is that some of the areas in need of improvement will be covered in the upcoming Smart Schools Project or Energy Performance Project.  Also, we are already planning to begin discussions for the next Capital Project, with planning meetings happening as early as the summer of 2018.



    Niagara Wheatfield Central School District

    Smart Schools Bond Spending Plan



    What is the Smart Schools Bond Act?

    The Smart Schools Bond Act (SSBA) was passed as part of the 2014-15 New York State budget and approved by voters in a statewide referendum held on Nov. 4, 2014.

    The SSBA authorized the issuance of $2 billion in bonds to finance educational technology and infrastructure to improve learning opportunities for students throughout the state.



    How much will Niagara Wheatfield Central School District receive under the plan?

    The district was allocated $2,707,858 under the SSBA.

    The state will reimburse the district for 100 percent of its expenses as identified in the Niagara Wheatfield Smart Schools Investment Plan.

    This plan earmarks $2,007,464 of the allocation for infrastructure that will support network and security upgrades in alignment with our Strategic Planning process and long range Facilities Plan. Niagara Wheatfield CSD plans to implement its plan beginning in Summer of 2018. Smart Schools bond funds remain available until a district has used its entire allocation.



    Is there any local cost associated with the technology purchases?

    There is no local cost associated with the initial purchase.



    When will the Board discuss the plan and its’ impact?

    On April 5, the Board of Education will hear an overview of the proposed plan.



    Is there a public hearing on this plan?


    Yes. The Niagara Wheatfield CSD Board of Education will conduct a public hearing as a part of its 7 p.m. May 17 meeting. The plan requires a vote by the Board for approval.



    In alignment with our Strategic Planning process and long range Facilities Plan, the following chart outlines the planned expenditure of the Smart Schools Bond Act monies:

    Description of Smart Bond Scope

    Smart Bond Allocation Used

    Automated Lockdown

    $ 210,420

    Video Surveillance

    $ 833,112

    PA Systems

    $ 333,932

    Network Switches

    $ 630,000


    $ 2,007,464



    If you wish to comment on this plan, please contact:

    Mr. Jeffery D. Hazel

    Director of Instructional Technology and Learning

    (716) 215-3004


    Kindergarten Registration

         Niagara Wheatfield Central School District is comprised of four (4) towns – Town of Wheatfield, Town of Niagara, Town of Lewiston, and the Town of Cambria.  Currently our K-12 student enrollment is just under 3,600.  The District has four (4) elementary schools – Colonial Village Elementary School, West Street Elementary School, Errick Road Elementary School, and the Tuscarora Indian Elementary School.  The District has one middle school (Edward Town Middle School) and one high school.  In addition to the core academic programs, we are very proud of the variety and quality of our extra-curricular activities.  We are beginning a Capital Project, with phase 1 beginning in the summer of 2017, and phase II in the summer of 2018.  The District has established Comprehensive District Educational Planning (CDEP) goals, which guide our Comprehensive School Educational Planning (CSEP) goals.  

    2017-2018 CDEP Goals


    Goal #1

    VERTICALLY ALIGNED K-12 Common scope and sequence maps will be developed and/or revised.


    Goal #2



    Goal #3



    Goal #4

    The District will continue to increase engagement in the school community.

    Our shared goals are reviewed annually with the Board of Education, and the primary focus is student achievement. 
     Mission Statement
    The Niagara Wheatfield School District will serve its diverse community to enable its learners to attain the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes within a supportive environment so that students become responsible and productive individuals.



    Watch Our Board of Education Meetings Live or review previous Board of Education Meetings HERE.
    CLICK HERE for New Kindergarten Parents Information

  • Contact Information:

    Administrative Offices

    5700 West Street 
    Sanborn, NY 14132
    Front Desk- 716-215-3000
    Superintendent- Daniel LjiljanichContact by EmailPhone- 716-215-3003